Hello. My name is Harper Reed.

I recently decided that I wanted to take more photos. I purchased a couple cameras and promised to carry one with me every day. After a year or so, it has become habit (and a fun and nice one) and as a result, I am taking a lot more photos. This isn’t a surprising outcome.

Turns out that I enjoy taking photos.

This site

This site is generated primarily by scraping Google Photos and sometimes, my instagram feed. For the most part this is nice, but I think it could be a lot better.

You can find the source for the site on github.

I will be adding more features to it shortly (I hope).

Photography Colophon

I wrote up the beginnings of my photograph journey here: Thirty one days of photography (well 28 to be exact)

I am currently shooting with 1 of three cameras:

The Q is a fixed 28mm lens. it is a great camera and I quite enjoy it. Check out my friend @craigmod’s post about the Leica Q. It pretty well sums up how amazing this Camera is.

The Leica M cameras are really fun. I have learned more shooting the Ms than I have shooting with the Q. I have a 35mm and a 50mm lens that I bounce between. The 50mm is very fun when I know I am going to be shooting people. The 35mm is very versatile and I love it as well.

The Monochrom is an amazing piece of hardware. I really like using it. I am very interested in constraint while taking photos. Removing color and having the camera be mostly manual really helps me.

Leica’s are fun and a pain in the ass. I am enjoying them though. I find myself gravitating towards the rangefinders more than the Q. However, when I travel - i primarily bring the Q.

I am obviously lucky that I have this equipment. Let me know and we can go play with it!

About Harper Reed

I am a computer operator who likes to make things happen. Also pranks.